Graduated from the C.R.R. of Paris in composition, analysis and orchestration, Gabriel Field writes for all formations, from the soloist to the big symphony orchestra. He is also a pianist and violinist. It is with Stéphane Delplace that he develops his writing technique and finds his artistic identity.

It was after listening to Richard Strauss’ Four Last Lieder that Gabriel Field discovered his vocation as a composer. His music is part of a traditional tonal and modal language, seeking beauty and pain. It is essentially harmonic, dissonant and melancholic. He is also very attached to sacred music, because of its emotional strength and also because of the contemplation it requires and gives off.

He has collaborated with the writer Marie Nimier in Le Monde de Nounouille (a literary concert for young children) as well as with many performers including the organist Adam Bernadac. He is also one of the founding members of the Association of United Composers.

My Works

Piano :

  • Lullaby-Waltz, 2017
  • 24 Chorals Pianistiques, 2018 – Dedicated to Stéphane Delplace
  • Lullaby, F major, 2018
  • Three Joyful Pieces, 2019 – Created by Geoffrey Nguyen on february 1st 2020 at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris
  • Lullaby, G major, 2021

Organ :

  • Fantasy, 2016 – Dedicated to Adam Bernadac – Created by Adam Bernadac in july 2016 at the Tours Cathedrale
  • Six Chorals, 2019 – Created in August 2019 in St-Gervais by Marc Chiron at the Voix d’Orgue Festival

Chamber Music :

  • « Le Monde de Nounouille », for Piano & Narrator, 2017 – Texts written by Marie Nimier – Created by Gaëlle Louistisserand & Victor Pognon in february 2018 in Nevers at the Tandem Festival
  • « Sur l’eau », after Guy de Maupassant, 2018, for Violon & Piano
  • Seven Duos for Violons, 2020 – Created by Vassily Chmykov & Ryo Kojima on february 4th 2021 in Salle Cortot of Paris. First prize of Fresly Composed contest
  • Two Scenes, 2022 – for Wind Quartet (Alto Flute, English Horn, Basset Horn, Bassoon)

Sacred Music :

  • Three Motets for Poor People, 2016, for Mixed Choir
  • Three Sacred Songs, for Organ and Voice, 2021 – Created in August 2022 in St-Gervais by Marc Chiron & Héloïse Zahedi at the Voix d’Orgue Festival
  • Kyrie, 2021, for Mixed Choir and Orchestra

Orchestra :

  • Lullaby-Waltz for String Orchestra, 2017
  • The Lodger, 2021, Suite from the epononym movie for Orchestra

Film scores :

  • The Lodger (1927), Alfred Hitchcock, 2020, for Orchestra

Orchestrations :

  • Manuel De Falla, Four Spanish Pieces, n°4 Andaluza, 2016
  • Francis Poulenc, Feuillets d’album FP.68, n°2 Rêve & n°3 Gigue, 2017
  • Charles Koechlin, Les Heures Persanes op.65. Les Collines, au Coucher du Soleil – Clair de Lune sur les Terrasses, 2017
  • Zoltan Kodaly, Seven Pieces for Piano op.11, n°7, 2018
  • Samuel Barber, Despite and Still op.41, 2018
  • Gabriel Dupont, Les Heures Dolentes, n°1 Epigraphe, n°2 Le soir tombe dans la chambre, 2018
  • Stéphane Delplace, Scènes d’Intérieur, 2020